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Eugene, OR 97401
Lane County
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by Meow M. on
What is Boston known for? Hello, we are a college town. BC, BU, NU, Wentworth, Harvard and MIT just to name a few. [Cambridge, Boston, same thing. It's just a technicality, tomatoes, tomahtoes if we can get there on the damn T, it's part of the Bean]. Boston also happens to be one of oldest and most historical cities in the United States [oh yeahhh, I am smarter than a 5th grader] and is home to the first public school in America, Boston Latin. And did you know that the subway, dubbed as the "T" happens to be the first subway system in the United States, um hmm that's right! We are also known for our die hard Sports fans, Boston is filled with Bro's a plenty w/ their back facing B caps and the ladies that love them. The only city where you will get called out or punched in the face for wearing a Red Sox hat that is either Pink or Green [What if it matched my friggn outfit wtf?]. Oh Boston, how I love thee..... With all of this rich history, what exactly were you expecting? Cmon, cut Royale some slack. I realize the cover charge is how much some people in 3rd world countries earn in an entire year but if you are a Ben Cheapenstein perhaps you are better off picking up a 6 pack of Natty Ice with your friends, all of whom are just as cheap and throwing yourselves a party at "CLUB YOUR FRONT STOOP". Rent in Boston is damn expensive and Royale is huge, how else are they going to afford to pay rent, property taxes, utilities and etc.? This isn't the VFW, if you were expecting playboy models to greet you by the red carpet ready to pour $3.00 miller lite drafts down your throat, you are sadly mistaken. Drinking in Boston comes at a premium, if you want to go to a dive bar that smells like pee, be my guest but get your facts straight. Personally, I prefer to go to a venue that does not smell like pee but has one of those nice ladies that work the bathroom and hand you paper towels after you go tinkle. Do you think she works for free? Half of the ladies that use the bathroom are just as cheap as your whiny ass. I work hard for my money but if your nice enough to hand me a damn towel so that I don't have to touch the grimy hand dryer or paper towel dispenser, you are A-Ok in my book and I will happily hand you my dollar. When I am broke, I stay home. I don't go out and then complain about it later on rateclubs as if I had no idea that going out meant that I might have to spend some money. Damn son... Don't you think it's about time that you are finally brushing the cobweb's off of your wallet? Maybe afterwards you will meet a nice girl that will help brush the cobweb's off of your knickers! Clubs in general are not cheap anywhere, well... unless you start heading north.... I digress, Royale isn't the best place I have been to, but it certainly isn't the worse. My complaint isn't about something stupid that can't be changed like the price of admission or the drink prices or even their clientele. My only gripe is that I wish they would change up the music every now and then. My age is catching up to me and my E-tard days are way behind me. I need something with slower beats these days, you know how it is. And to the person who said that Royale is filled with the entire Asian casting from the Fast and Furious, you sir are a level III moron! Oh wait, forgive me for not asking sooner. Would you like some cheese with that whine you? What a jerk off. I bet you are the same person who gets annoyed because he has to tip the pizza delivery man too. The same masshole that doesn't tip the 15% bare minimum. Guess what, the last asshole who was as generous as you is the reason why you and everyone else ends up with shitty service. Thank you for pissing him off, thanks a lot! The economy is in the pooper and unemployment is at an all time high. We can't walk into a Dunkin Donuts to order a coffee without feeling as though we are a burden to the person who is working the counter and you are bitching about the cover charge and price of drinks at a night club? Eventually you will realize that there are no awesome spots in Boston with free cover, cheap drink's that are filled with awesome people. You can have one or the other but if you want it all, I hate to burst your bubble but it's not happening. I've gone to just about every bar/club in Boston, in search of this magical place that we make up in our imaginations and it's pretty much the same everywhere, it's only a matter of whether or not you prefer to be groped and holla'd at by a gangster, a guido, a cast member from the fast and furious or a local townie, it's all up to you. If you are a party pooper, than what can I say except you'll probably always be a party pooper. If you happen to be a fun person surrounded by fun people than you can have fun anywhere which includes sitting on the front stoop with a 6 pack of Natty ice. No Natty for me though, pass the Stella...Thanks Regards, A female cast member from the fast and furious
by Sherri C. on
Ridiculously loud, bad music. Horribly crowded dance floor, half taken up by VIP tables. No space even at a VIP table.  Hordes of overly painted bimbos kept stepping all over me to sit on the backs of the couches instead of on the couches.  I actually suffered several bruises on my legs from their 5" heels -- through my jeans.  At least the boys were polite enough to turn around and apologize after stepping on my feet. 20% service charge included. Servers sneaking extra dollar amounts on the bills because they know the clubbees are so blitzed they won't even know how they got home, much less notice the extra 60% added to the 20% service charge. The lame Asian guy standing behind our couch who kept leaning over to break my eardrums with "Why you no dance?" every time hubby left my side to get something. For some reason, I didn't get in for free.  Must have been my low-class jeans.
by Kelli Kocab on
It's not a super trendy nightlife locale, however, the bartender/owner is really nice (she's a little Irish lady) and the bar is spacious with pool table and TV's.  Route 101 sponsors my friends' softball team, so I am totally biased.
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