Bushwhacker Seafood Restaurant
Port Angeles, WA
Two words, Asians Only. I had a pretty good time here with a couple of Asian friends (non-Korean) even though it was really packed. Loud music,... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Samantha P.
Green Valley Inn
Clarksburg, WV
Has a charming, old time feel to it. Pretty cheap, typical diner filled with different crowds of people. I'm not sure why this place has been rated... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Elliott Bellefeuille
Best Western Cooper's Mill Hotel
Cedar Rapids, IA
If you like being man-handled by aggressive bouncers who have a fetish for wrapping their roid raging hands around your neck, GO FOR IT.........I'm a... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Sue B.
Frankenmuth Brewery
Frankenmuth, MI
Pat's does everything slightly better, plus Pat's has history, so from a food standpoint there is no point in going here. From a principles... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Rob B.
Lutzy's Bar
Reeder, ND
The venue is pretty nice here. There was a good mixture of people partying that night and a real plus was Supercr3w and SoReal Cru who happened to... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Diana M.
Pilot Light
Knoxville, TN
Fuzzy recollections of the night sum up my escapade here. Came here for a night of fun and dancing; and this place did not disappoint. The slide was... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Anne D.
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